Fly Free  by  Kelsey Martin

Fly Free by Kelsey Martin


Every good playlist has a theme, but some have a story. The music in this list evoked more than just emotion in me. Worlds, characters, and scenarios began to form, and what started as a music collection developed into a passion project.

My view of Cyberpunk is heavily influenced by Cyberpunk 2020, but tempered by more modern sci-fi influences and themes. As you hear these songs, I hope you'll let yourself drift into a futuristic environment filled with innovation, wonder, crime, espionage, and the pursuit of love and truth in a world where the lines that define identity and morality have all but vanished.

This playlist is meant to be listened to in order. To view the list in Spotify, click here.


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"Prologue: The Break of New Miami, Part I" | The UTULEK Complex: Golem City - Michael McCann, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided (Original Game Soundtrack - Extended Edition)

The waves that kiss the shoreline move too smoothly, an almost unbroken reflection of the neon sky that blocks the stars. From the window of a high rise, a perfect figure in a new designer body looks out across a sea of artificial light. Down below, shadows barely hide the quick shuffling steps of a wanderer trying to escape the street.

The vibrant megacity is still, but not calm. It waits, watching, thick tension for once more noticeable than the unbearable heat. Mercs check their gear in silence, ready for the signal that will call them into action. Netrunners lurk at the edge of consciousness, itching to dive, uncertain whether it will be for escape or adventure. Only the Fixers focus elsewhere, charging double for sedatives and triple for everything else. Their business will be good tonight.

Everyone can feel it, though no one will say it.

Something is about to break.



"Prologue: The Break of New Miami, Part II" | 1:42 - Danger, July 2013

The unaware and inexperienced are taken quickly, their bodies simply freezing, their Netminds falling silent. The slightly more alert have time to scream before the spasms begin, their bodies contorting in bone breaking desperation as they flail against an unseen force. The mindblind think they're lucky until planes begin to fall from the sky.

On a dimly lit street, a new designer body shatters on the pavement at the feet of a mindblind junkie. Life fades from its broken chrome face and the neon reflections mirrored off its surface turn to clouds of orange flame as the city erupts in explosions.



Escape the Net

Bleak New World


Shopping for a Cure

New Recruits

The Four Rules

Style Over Substance

Attitude is Everything

Always take it to the Edge

Break the Rules

A Simple Assignment

Glorious Rebirth Through Pain



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