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Esler Media Group was founded in early 2016 to help nonprofit and service organizations refine their brands and their messages. We specialize in visual identity, fundraising collateral, and event promotion.

Why nonprofits?

It’s simple - they aren’t in it for themselves. Nonprofits exist because the people behind them believe passionately in a mission to help humanity. When we help those whose goal is to improve the world, everybody wins.

What do you do?

We assist primarily with three things:

  • Visual Identity - We help you stand out so that you don’t go unnoticed. This can be as complex as a logo redesign or as simple as a minor shift in color. We work with you to determine your current response rates and perform testing to see how much of that is tied to your visuals. From there we provide recommendations and can help you make necessary adjustments.

  • Fundraising Collateral - Do you need to increase donations, but you don’t know where to start? We’ve got you covered. Our team has worked with countless organizations of all shapes and sizes to produce fundraising media that has an average return of three to one on investment.

  • Event Promotion - Whether it’s an intimate donor meeting or an annual luncheon, our team will work with you to create a promotional campaign that not only looks good, but is distributed effectively for maximum response.